Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Riley's Memorial Fundraiser

I am a mother so when I hear a tragic story about a child's death it always touches my heart. That is exactly what happened when I heard the story about Riley, a 1 1/2 year old boy in Thorton, Colorado. He was ran over and killed at an At-Home Daycare while his mother was at work.

I learned of this tragic story from Stephanie, owner & writer for and instantly knew I wanted to help!

 I have offered to donate 25% of EVERY sale Big or Small to the Riley Memorial Fund, running NOW until January 15th. I am also offering a $25 gift certificate to one lucky winner - must donate at least $1 to Riley's Memorial Fund to enter to win that giveaway.

So please, open your hearts and your wallets to help this young family in deep financial need and keep Riley in your thoughts and prayers.

Please click here to purchase Scentsy products to help raise money for Riley's Memorial Fund! I know money is tight with the holidays but if you can even spare $5-$10 it will greatly help Riley's family out with the outrageous funeral costs.

If you are a business owner and interested in donating to Riley's Memorial Fund please head on over to Babes Rockin Miami and talk to Stephanie - she is really nice and more than willing to answer any and all questions.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Scent Combo of the Week: Storm at Sea

Today's Recipe:

Storm at Sea
Rainstorms are not only refreshing but also make me feel very peaceful. Add the scent of the ocean for an extra relaxing afternoon.

1 cube of Thunderstorm
1 cube of Clean Breeze
1 cube of Ocean

Buy Thunderstorm

Buy Clean Breeze

Buy Ocean

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bring Back my Bar - Jan '11

When we offered to bring back 20 of the most in-demand “retired” fragrances as Scentsy Bars last July, we received hundreds of thousands of votes from people who simply had to get a discontinued scent back! It was so successful, we decided to give you another chance—last month, we asked you to vote again for Bring Back My Bar. Of more than 400,000 votes, here are the winning 20 fragrances, to be available as Scentsy Bars only for the month of January*:

Burst of fruit followed by velvety vanilla and sandalwood.
Romance. SB-ALW

Baked Brown Sugar—Heidi’s Pick!
Warm brown sugar mixed with nutmeg.

Berries and Bubbly
Sweet strawberry aroma with champagne.
Favorites. SB-BAB

The true scent of baseball-card bubblegum—sugar and cotton
candy with a hint of mint.
Favorites. SB-BBG

Carrot Cake
Irresistibly sweet, nutty, warm, and spicy, just like carrot cake.
Bakery. SB-CCK

Cherry Clove Chutney
Crushed bing cherries, cloves, and cinnamon.
Bakery. SB-CCC

Clary Sage
Fresh floral bouquet with hints of lavender and lilac.
Nature. SB-CSG

Falling Leaves
An earthy blend of clove, cinnamon, and patchouli.
Nature. SB-FAL

Flower Shop
Just like walking into a flower shop.
Fruits & Flowers. SB-FLO

Fresh Cut Grass
Like freshly cut fairway on a cool summer morning.
Nature. SB-FCG

Grape Vine
Like sweet grape juice or a full-bodied Cabernet.

Huckleberry Heaven
Like Grandma’s huckleberry jam.
Fruits & Flowers. SB-HBH

Lavender Vanilla
Relaxing mix of hillside lavender, vanilla beans, orange zest,
and patchouli.
Spring/Summer. SB-LVV

Smooth blend of delicious pears and raspberries.
Favorites. SB-PBY

Raisin Spice Tea—Orville’s Pick!
Enchanting blend of musk, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon,
and vanilla.
Nature. SB-RST

Redwood & Cedar
A fresh scent with texture, warmth, and sensuality
reminiscent of a cedar closet.
Fall/Winter. SB-RWC

Sandalwood and Cranberries
Exotic sandalwood, sweet cranberries, and spice.
Nature. SB-SWC

Toasted Apple Butter
Creamy butter blended with ripe apples accented with
rich spices.
Bakery. SB-TAB

Vanilla Oak
Simple and classic blend of smooth French vanilla and
woody oak.
Nature. SB-VOK

Wasabi Ginger
Spicy notes of wasabi blended in perfect harmony with
fresh ginger.
Nature. SB-WSG

* Bring Back My Bar fragrances will be available as Scentsy Bars only for the month of January at the regular price:
$5 (USD) / $6 (CAD).

January 2011 Host Special: Double the Host Rewards!

The new year is just around the corner, and January is the best time to
host a Scentsy party! Start 2011 off with Double Host Rewards (double
the number of half-price items) for any party of at least $150 (USD) /
$200 (CAD) in retail sales in January.

So, instead of earning one half-price item on a $150 party, your Host
will earn two half-price items for parties held 1/1/11 through 1/31/11.

Please note: This offer does not include Host Credit (percentage of
free product) and cannot be used to purchase licensed products, the
Charitable Cause Warmer, or Combine and Save. Orders must be
placed and parties must be closed by 11:59 p.m. (PST) on January 31
to qualify.

Please email me to schedule your Online, Basket or Home Party today! My January is filling up quickly!

Don't have to time to host a Basket or Home party? No Problem! Let's set up an Online party for you! All you have to do is email all your friends & family the link to your online party and let the orders come in! This is the easiest and more popular "party" option!

Giveaway Alert: Midsize Warmer & 3 Bars

I have joined up with KMama @ The Daily Dribbles to offer you another giveaway!

This time it is for a Midsize Warmer & 3 Scent bars! *Winner's Choice!*

Please head on over & read her totally awesome review & enter to win this great giveaway!

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I want to personally Thank KMama for her awesome review and hosting this giveaway for me!

*If any of you guys would be interested in hosting a review and/or giveaway with Midwest Wickless please email me and let me know, I will add you to my future review & giveaway opportunities.*

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Save 20% On all Scentsy Order's Today Only!

I am in the true spirit of Christmas right now! I want to extend a discount to my blog & Facebook Friends!

All orders placed TODAY ONLY will get 20% off ALL products purchased. Discount comes off of Total price before taxes & shipping.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Scent Combo of the Week: Paparazzi

Today's Recipe:

Flirty, fun, and leaving you wanting more. This scent evokes those moments where you can't help but feel glamorous.

1 cube of Flirtatious
1 cube of Berry Blush

                  Buy Flirtatious                                                             Buy Berry Blush

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Scent Combo of the Week: Soulmate

Today's Recipe:

Sweet & sexy smell that is sure to leave that lasting impression - the kind of feeling you will never forget.

1 cube of Satin Sheets
1 cube of Flirtatious
1 cube of Hemingway
            Buy Flirtatious

        Buy Satin Sheets           

           Buy Hemingway

Video: Scentsy Product Quality

The most important thing about Scentsy is the quality of the product! This is what drew me into Scentsy...

No Soot, No Flame, No Problem!

Please check out this video and see the high quality products that Scentsy produces for their customers!

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm giving away the Farm...check out this Scentsy Giveaway!

Call me crazy...but I love giveaways!

I have another Blog buddy hosting a giveaway for you guys this week! This one is for a Plug In & 3 Bars of YOUR CHOICE! Make sure to head on over to Amber's Life to try your luck at winning today's awesome giveaway!

Ends on December 12th!

Another Chance to Win Scentsy!

Just a quick note to my awesome subscribers....Head on over to Cheapskate Mom's blog to enter to win your very own Midsize Warmer & 3 Scent Bars of YOUR CHOICE! That's right! I am giving away yet more Scentsy - just in time for the Holidays! Giveaway ends on December 12th with the winner being announced on the 13th! Make sure to get your entries in now so you have a chance at winning!

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Cheapskate Mom is also hosting other giveaways until the 12th so make sure to subscribe to her if you are not already!