Sunday, November 21, 2010

Real Estate Marketing Tool

Searching For A SCENTsational
Real Estate Marketing Tool?


Why Scentsy and Real Estate?

Scentsy makes a Marvelous Marketing Tool
• Everyone loves a home with an inviting smell, try “Sugar Cookie” or “Baked Apple Pie” in the kitchen of your next open house or listing
• Use “Clean Breeze” in all the bathrooms
• Scentsy has more than 80 fragrant scents and 45 beautiful warmers & plug-ins.

Give the perfect House Warming & Thank you gift to all closing sales.

Scentsy is the Closing Gift of Choice
• High Quality, creative & meets the RE gifting guidelines

Scentsy becomes a Continuous Source of Income
• Be the first consultant in your office! $99 Business Opportunity if you want to sell to others and earn commission on your closing gifts. Others will want to know where Your Clients got their wonderful Scentsy products
• Not sold in stores, they will look to YOU for more Scentsy products

Scentsy keeps you in Constant Contact with your Clients
Each Scent of the Month is perfect for “Pop-bys” keeping you
In the forefront of your client’s mind, leading to more RE referrals!

To experience SCENTSY for yourself or your office, please contact: Megan Hendershott:


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